Facilities at C.A.R.M. Boatyard

The boatyard is equipped to carry out a very wide range of interventions in the construction of pleasure boats both motorised and with sails.

The boatyard covers an area of 5400 sq.m. as well as a fenced outdoor yard of 700 sq. m. and it has 2 sheds for housing boats. Both sheds are equipped with electricity, water and compressed air systems.


Within the boatyard, there are several distinct areas with suitable equipment for specific tasks:


  • An area reserved for storage and refitting
  • Mechanical Workshop
  • Electrical Workshop
  • Joinery
  • Upholstery Workshop
  • An external area for the manoeuvres


    structural interventions on yachts

    The C.A.R.M. Boatyard also has a dock for mooring boats up to 26 m. long. The beach area is equipped with electricity and fire protection system and a plant for the extraction and disposal of bilge water and sewage.

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